The Violence-Free Workplace


A Blueprint for Utilizing Professional Security Officers to Prevent and Respond to Workplace Violence

By Andrew Tufano

Organizations are ethically, morally, and legally required to maintain safe workplaces that protects employees, visitors and anyone who frequents their establishments. But why do organizations that employee uniformed security personnel as part of their overall workplace violence prevention program still struggle to create and maintain the safest possible workplaces? To meet these obligations organizations often employ uniformed security officers to deter, observe, and report criminal behavior, and in some contexts, they physically interact with dangerous individuals to protect employees, consumers and visitors from violent behaviors.

Unfortunately, many organizations don’t utilize their security personnel to their fullest potential and organizational and community members continue to be victims of workplace violence. This book identifies the flawed principles, policies and personnel decisions that organizations use, and it provides practical solutions to address them. The book covers two major themes: the misapplication of law enforcement community safety principles to private, free-market businesses and the use of risk aversive philosophies to their security officer’s activities.

This book covers the principles, policies and personnel necessary for maximizing the effectiveness of uniformed security personnel to successfully mitigate potential workplace violence and create and maintain safe organizations.

There is a strong need for this book since workplace violence prevention has taken on a new focus due to increases in workplace violence incidents and new laws requiring organizations to take a more serious approach to workplace violence prevention. The healthcare and campus markets are most affected by these laws and are under public scrutiny because of their vulnerable populations. These two markets combined employ the most non-contract, propriety private security personnel in the country. Both markets rely on uniform security officers to create and maintain safe communities and play an important role in their respective workplace violence prevention plans.

Softcover, 278 pgs

“Tufano does an outstanding job of challenging long-lasting assumptions about corporate security, and offers logical, practical considerations for the role of security professionals in organizations. As a 31-year law enforcement officer, I find his argument for placing security leaders in positions of real influence within the corporate hierarchy compelling and essential to creating a safe workplace.”  – Rob Firmes, Law Enforcement Executive

“In this important text, Andrew Tufano captures the essence and practical security processes through his experience and training of security professionals in all industries. His ability to convey the message of professionalism to frontline and leadership practitioners is enlightening and effective. In my thirty years of experience within the security profession, I find that this book stands among the best.” – Darren Morgan, Healthcare Security Administrator

“Practical Practical Practical! The Violence Free Workplace is for industry professionals who really want a robust Workplace Violence Prevention program. . Andy Tufano puts the right arrows into your quiver, using the best practices to do it! I recommend every security professional go through his book and explore the inside scoop of Andy’s wisdom and expertise.” – David “Kawika” Feltman, CHPP, CHEM, CHSP, ILO, TLO


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