Transforming Community Policing: Mobilization, Engagement, and Collaboration, 2nd Ed.


Creating sustainably safe neighbourhoods is something even the most effective and efficient police services can’t do alone. Transforming Community Policing demonstrates how police can empower community actors to address complex social issues in a way that fosters community growth and development, minimizing the need for police-led emergency response.

By reviewing theories and philosophies of community policing and translating them into practical strategies, this text will teach readers to recognize social risk factors, foster community development, identify crime trends, and confront today’s challenges to community policing.

Topics such as community mobilization and engagement, risk-focused policing, crime prevention, interagency collaboration, and police legitimacy are explored in terms of the impact they have on communities both in theory and in practice. Supplemented with scenarios based on real-life incidents from communities across Canada, this essential resource will demonstrate how a community policing framework can be applied to all crime and social disorder threats.

Drawing on years of experience and community-based research, authors Hugh C. Russell and Sulaimon Giwa provide readers with the information necessary to promote and maintain communities that are happy, healthy, and safe.


  • Expert insights on Indigenous justice practices, policing and public demonstrations from contributor, David Milward.

  • Updated material on systemic barriers to community safety.

  • Increased discussion of restorative justice and principles and practices.

  • In the CommunityOn Patrol, and Check Your Understanding boxes with examples of community-based policing nitiatives.

  • End-of-chapter summaries, review questions, discussion questions, and key terms.


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