Women and the Criminal Justice System: A Canadian Perspective, 3rd Ed.


Women and the Criminal Justice System: A Canadian Perspective, 3rd Edition is the only text of its kind to address the experiences of female offenders, victims, and workers in a single resource. National in scope, this resource features in-depth case-studies focused on important cases in Canadian criminal justice.

Part I offers an overview of women and the criminal justice system, including theoretical perspectives on criminality and the unique experiences of minorities and Indigenous women. Part II examines criminalized women and female youth, addressing risk factors, violent crime, mental health, rehabilitation, and more. Part III discusses addresses the victimization of women and girls, including the intersection of victimization and offending, and missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Part IV focuses on the systemic and structural issues faced by women working in all areas of the criminal justice system, including police officers, correctional officers, lawyers, and more


  • New chapter on Black and Racialized Women and the Criminal Justice System.
  • New chapter on Mental Health, Correctional Assessment, and Treatment of Criminalized Women.
  • New case studies at the beginning of each section covering topics such as Ashley Smith Inquest, Yvonne Johnson, sexual misconduct in the RCMP, and more.
  • Expanded coverage of the theoretical perspectives on female criminality.
  • Insights on Indigenous issues from Brandi Morin and Steff King.
  • “What Do You Think” boxes that encourage students to engage with the material as they read.
  • Expert contributors from across Canada: Brenda Restoule, Rai Reece, Shahid Alvi, Franca Cortoni, Shelley Brown, Mikaelia Miller, Michaela McGuire, and Christina Witt.
  • Suggested readings and videos at the end of each chapter.
  • End-of-chapter review and discussion questions.


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