The Bakers Manual, 5th Ed.


The key to excellence in baking is mastering the formulas for entire classes of baked goods. A perfect puff pastry, for example, is a prerequisite for turnovers, napoleons, and torta Milanese. The Baker’s Manual includes 200 new, tested, and proven interpretations of classic formulas that you can use to create a wide range of breads, pastries, custards, and more.

The formulas in this authoritative reference reflect current tastes and trends in American cuisine, and many are presented in both small- and large-batch versions. You’ll discover the secrets to tempering chocolate, assembling and decorating cakes, and creating such basics as:

* American pie dough, crumb crusts, fruit pies, and tarts
* Sponge cakes, butter cakes, and component cakes
* Mousses, bavarians, and other egg-based components
* Syrups and caramel
* Chocolate sauces, glazes, and decorations
* Frostings and fillings

Providing reliable recipes that can be assembled into any number of desserts, The Baker’s Manual gives you the know-how you need to meet any baking challenge with absolute confidence.


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