The Cake Book


From the first time a child tastes a cake at his first birthday party, it becomes a central focus of all of life’s milestones. From simple, frosted layer cakes to elaborate restaurant creations, this popular dessert has the power to bring people together and to evoke a feeling of celebration.

In this book, Tish Boyle shares a wealth of information on cake-baking equipment, ingredients, and techniques, as well as troubleshooting advice and instructions for cake decor.  Recipes are provided for every type of cake imaginable, including pound and coffee cakes, cheesecakes, angel food, fruit-based, flour-less, meringue, mousse, and ice cream cakes, as well as fillings, frostings, and cake accompaniments.

Each recipe is marked with a difficulty rating ranging from one diamond (simple) to four (advanced), and a comprehensive source listing helps readers locate the best baking equipment and ingredients.

This book is an essential reference you’ll always turn to, for fresh ideas, inspiration, and recipes.


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