21st Century Security and CPTED, 2nd Ed.


The concept of Crime Prevention Through
Environmental Design (CPTED) has undergone dramatic changes over the
last several decades since C. Ray Jeffery coined the term in the early
1970s, and Tim Crowe wrote the first CPTED applications book.

The second
edition of 21st Century Security and CPTED
includes the latest theory, knowledge, and practice of CPTED as it
relates to the current security threats facing the modern world: theft,
violent crime, terrorism, gang activity, and school and workplace

This significantly expanded edition includes the latest
coverage of proper lighting, building design-both the interior and
exterior-physical security barriers, the usage of fencing, bollards,
natural surveillance, landscaping, and landscape design. Such design
concepts and security elements can be applied to address a wide variety
of threats including crime prevention, blast mitigation, and CBRNE
threat protection.

Authored by one of the U.S.’s renowned
security experts-and a premiere architect and criminologist-the book is
the most comprehensive examination of CPTED and CPTED principles
available. This edition includes a complete update of all chapters in
addition to five new chapters, over 700 figure illustrations and photos,
numerous tables and checklists, and a 20-page colour plate section. This
latest edition:

  • Features five new chapters including green and sustainable buildings, infrastructure protection, and premises liability
  • Presents
    step-by-step guidelines and real-world applications of CPTED concepts,
    principles and processes-from risk assessment to construction and
    post-occupancy evaluation
  • Outlines national building security codes and standards
  • Examines architectural surety from the perspective of risk analysis and premises liability
  • Demonstrates
    CPTED implementation in high-security environments, such as hospitals,
    parks, ATMs, schools, and public and private sector buildings

practical resource for architects, urban planners and designers,
security managers, law enforcement, CPTED practitioners, building and
property managers, homeland security professionals, and students, 21st Century Security and CPTED, Second Edition continues to serve as the most complete and up-to-date reference available on next-generation CPTED practices today.


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